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Goodbye pillowcase white hair….how I will miss you so. I have not strayed from platinum shades in about 2 years. I love people commenting everyday on just how white my hair is, but it has come to the day I try something different. Every time I say that I will stray from white I dye it and panic once its done. The last 3 times I tried a new shade I went an hour away to get my original hair dye. Platinum hair is a lot to keep up with but for the most part worth it. I just hope to have a break from the extreme damage my hair has because of the platinum dye. My hair is very thin already, and I just hope that maybe a yellow blonde will make me look prettier…….oh goodness, I hope this goes well.

I’ve said this before….and I will continue to say this until the day I die.
There is a special sort of love and admiration that comes along with being an old Hollywood fan. It is a love that comes with no beginning or end. Nobody can argue how your favorite star will end up because it has already happened. To know the entire lifetime of a star, the ups and downs that nothing can change is something much more than modern Hollywood can offer. You can admire a star today but you dont know if you’ll be disappointed by them in the future. To love old Hollywood is to be able to see the entire span of someone’s work yet not being able to watch them progress after youve seen it all. You dont ever get new material to see them in, and yet the films they gave you are quite enough. In most cases you’ll never be able to tell the star you love just how much of an impact theyve made in your life. In most cases you can never meet the person you admire so much. Old Hollywood fans admire more sophisticated pieces that didnt have to rely on color or special effects to be a good quality film. To admire things that happened so long ago even before your time or before your parent’s time is something most people cant understand. Its difficult to explain to people today that just because something happened long ago, it doesnt mean that it doesnt matter. I miss the class, sophisticated, elegance, presence & class that came along with classic stars. You cant recreate that today & its a shame because decency seems to be fading away. To love old Hollywood is to love without an end because it ended before you even knew it had happened.

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